Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science
Materials Physics
Physical Chemistry of Materials
Properties of Structural and Functional Materials
Intelligent Materials Processing
Processing for Manufacturing
Manufacturing Design and Mechanics
System Integration
Cooperative Areas
  • Center for Atomic and Molecular Technologies (Materials Design for Quantum Engineering, Composite Materials Design, Plasma Physics, Atomistic Process in Materials)
  • Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (Nanocharacterization for Nanostructure and Functions, Advanced Hard Materials)
  • Joining and Welding Research Institute (Materials Diagnosis and Life Assessment, Energy Transfer Dynamics, Smart Coating Processing, Materials Performance and Design in Welding and Joining, Plasma Engineering, Production-Processing Analysis, Reliability Evaluation & Simulation)
  • Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy (Materials Science, Life Science)

(*1) Concurrently holds an appointment at the Center for Atomic and Molecular Technologies.
(*2) Concurrently holds an appointment in the Business Engineering program.

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