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In today's world it is necessary for society to realize a sustainable recycling environment, that will provide members safety and happiness with the harmony of an affluent yet environmental-friendly life.Given the above social requirement, it is incumbent on us to develop advanced materials and manufacturing processes for high-end products that support modern key industries for transportation equipment, for example, cars, trains, vessels, and airplanes, infrastructural constructions such as buildings, bridges and, plants, and electronic products such as computers, mobile information terminals and internet equipment. Since materials change from raw substances to become part of industrial and daily-use products after going through various manufacturing processes, it is important that an understanding is gained of the engineering flow and the accompanying systems from the development of materials to their manufacture into products.

The Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science offers both basic education and field leading research into the physical and chemical properties of materials, the development of new structural/smart materials and for their processing, and into advanced design/manufacturing systems that respond to the various social requirements noted above.The division fosters engineers and scientists who have a clear perception of the engineering flow from the development of materials to the manufacture of products.These systems open new frontiers for emerging industries.

The division has two courses.

Materials Science and Engineering;
wide areas of materials science and engineering are studied. Physical and chemical properties of materials, development of new structural/smart materials and materials processing are mainly focused on.

Manufacturing Science;
material manufacturing processes, advanced design and integration of production systems are mainly focused on.

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