Materials and Manufacturing Science                     

The Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science offers seamless learning and research opportunities in the science of materials and manufacturing. Students methodically learn the fundamental properties of materials, expression mechanism of functional materials properties, material processing and manufacturing processes, structural integrity design and evaluation, and systematization of these fields. The division’s educational program trains engineers or researchers who can connect the flows of materials and information and see the big picture of manufacturing centered in the transformation of materials.


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〇 Materials Science and Engineering
Quantum Physics of Solids Area (Yoshiya Laboratory)
Physics of Surface and Interface Area (Nakatani Laboratory)  
Nanoscale Characterization of Structure-Sensitive Properties Area
(Araki Laboratory)
Materials Microscopic Process Engineering    
Chemistry of Materials Area(Yamashita Laboratory) 
Interface Science and Technology Area(Tanaka Laboratory)   
Materials Design and Processing Area(Koizumi Laboratory)
Computational Materials Design Area
Purification and Synthesis of Materials Area  
Lattice Defects and Crystal Plasticity Area(Yasuda Laboratory)
Crystals Growth Design and Engineering Area(Fujiwara Laboratory)
Microstructure Control for Material Properties Area
Environmental Materials and Surface Processing Area(Fujimoto Laboratory)
Biomaterials and Structural Materials Design Area (Nakano Laboratory)
Control of Materials Function and Morphology Area (Utsunomiya Laboratory)

〇 Manufacturing Science
Intelligent Manufacturing Process Area (Hirose Laboratory)
Materials Joining Process Area (Saida Laboratory)
Physics of Materials Processing Area (Sano Laboratory)
Novel Joining Technology Area
Process Mechanics Area (Mochizuki Laboratory)
Structural Integrity Evaluation Area (Ohata Laboratory)
Reliability Evaluation Area (Kurashiki Laboratory)

Manufacturing System Integration Area
System Integration in Electronics Area (Fukumoto Laboratory)
System Design Area (Hirata Laboratory)

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